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Getting the Timing Right

How long did it take you to learn to ride a bicycle?

How many times did you fall off that bicycle before you got it right?

Why then do we expect that other areas of our lives will run smoothly and hassle free on the first try?

There are so many variables interacting and influencing our lives that is amazing that we get anything together at all!

It seems that the only way that we as humans can progress along a chosen path is to assess all the variables and order them in such a way that the transaction or set of actions progresses in a specific order to get us to our desired outcome. In most cases, if something goes wrong, the whole process stops and we have to re evaluate the order in which we placed the variables and try again. Success in life seems to be all about implementing the right formula with a compatible set of circumstances at the right time.

To get the timing right, you need to observe and be patient!

Observe the outcomes of your actions as they are today. Judge for yourself if the outcome is acceptable to you in relation to your expectation. If you are not satisfied, look at the actions that you took and see where your actions can be improved. Also look at the technology available and decide for yourself if you need to upgrade it or even adapt it to suit your purpose better. It is pointless inventing an iPod like device and not having access to suitable memory technology.

Don’t lose sight of your end goal. Be patient!

Allow other important variables to mature to a point where they are compatible and can add meaningful value to the action that you need to take to successfully achieve your goal.

In most cases you will notice that a lack of success is nothing more that a timing issue. Don’t be too hard on yourself, re assess your actions and try again!

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Changing Limitation to Success

Walking past a sports apparel store the other day, I read a quotation under a sports celebrity’s photograph. It read; “I trained for 19 years to become an overnight success”

That made me stop and laugh. I had one of those gestalt moments where I saw myself in perspective with all my strengths and faults, striding through life as best as I can, and that it was all just fine and orderly.
I tend to forget that I am not alone in the world with my insecurities and fears. I forget that we are all human and that we all have our skeletons in our closets and that the point of life is to understand and transmute these limitations as best we can. The funny thing that I have noticed with life is that our fears or limitations are much more prevalent in our lives than we would like. It must be part of the whole matter follows thought system – we consciously or subconsciously focus on our fears or limitations more, so we manifest them and experience them in our reality more.

Changing limitation into success is a three step or three meditation process, and as always with my suggestions, it is simple!
1. Be honest with yourself the next time you meditate. Take a long hard look at your limitations or fears. Identify them and just observe them. Take note of your observations and feelings id your meditation diary.
2. Start be meditation on or contemplating your feelings as discovered above. What do they mean to you and what is your payback – why are they important to you, or what need within you do they fill?
3. In your next meditation, decide if that need or payback is still relevant in your life. Can you enhance and perpetuate it or do you want to drop it now that you understand it?
What action do you need to take to move from this position to the success that you want to achieve – take the first step!

Enjoy being alive on earth, rise to your challenges courageously and have fun!

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What are you afraid of?



The only thing that is preventing you from achieving the goal that you want is FEAR!


Fear is an essential survival response, but if miss-applied, it is completely debilitating.

When crossing the road or handling a dangerous substance, the fear of loss, pain or death is what makes us exercise caution and proceed carefully.

The essential elements are “Exercise Caution” and “Proceed Carefully”.

You notice that these two statements involve a progression, not a block!


What are we afraid of?

  • Success

  • Failure

  • Pain

  • Embarrassment

  • Loss

  • ()your personal favourite!


An easy way around this fear is to set a “double goal”. Set a second goal beyond the one you want to achieve.

When I was studying, I struggled for years to complete a simple Bachelors degree. As soon as I pushed my goal forward – to a Ph.D., the Bachelors degree did not seem so daunting or important. the “What when / if” question that was nagging at me, doing its best to keep me in my comfort zone was no longer relevant, and I achieve the Bachelors degree with ease (all I have to do now is get that Ph.D…).

What are you afraid of in life right now?

Set a goal beyond that fear.

Put a plan in place that will take you carefully forward to that secondary goal. It is important to work within the fear parameter and exercise caution, but do not allow that caution to bring you to a grinding halt – make a point of moving forward consciously every day to wards that secondary goal.


Now that you have a secondary goal, ask yourself if that initial fear is still as severe as it once was. Do you still need it?

What purpose does it now serve, or can you pack it away in your box of “experience” for future reference?

How successful do you want to be?

What is holding you back for achieving that success?



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