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Freedom to be Yourself

Have you ever noticed that everyone but you seems to have their “act together”- that you look into others perfection and see your own miserable self reflected right back at you, then in a cacophony of safe insecurity you hit your bottom, bounce, and present that brave face, that arrogant smirk, that clubs that self righteous junk right back at those looking into your own miserable yet “I got my act together” veneer of perfection?

Have you ever sat at the feet of yet another self absorbed guru (like there is any other kind) and secretly wondered, while gaga grinning in inner peace, what it would be like if gaga grinning guru here were to self immolate, spontaneously, now, so that while he sizzled and greased up the floor with his holy oil, you could ease the cramp in your back, legs, bum and toes, that was gifted to you by the personal enlightenment pose of the now fast reducing master?

Have you ever instinctively felt that there was something out there, something greater than you, but have been unable to extract yourself form the whirlwind drama of life to look around to see what exactly it is that is disturbing your everyday mundane perfection?

Have you ever considered that you are prefect as you are?

Remember that what we do for a living is not who we are – it is an important and complex interpersonal and social means to a financial end. It is important to understand and work in harmony with those around us, but that title and position, no matter how lofty or lowly, is not you. It is just a transitory position in your journey through life.

While you are facing the responsibilities of life, don’t forget to take some time to be yourself – even if it means putting a picture of a dragon or a fairy on your desktop!

Always remember that you are unique, perfect whole and complete as you are – you are free to be you whenever you choose.

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What is Stress?


Have you noticed that all people around the world, irrespective of race, religion, culture or gender, struggle at times to understand and cope with that interesting response we call STRESS!

Stress is the modern term for the basic instinct all forms of life have – the will to survive. Stress is a chemical, hormonal response in the body and its only function is to keep you alive under extreme circumstances and points to a specific moment in time when an organisms perceived demands threatened to outweigh its perceived survival resources.

There are four simple concepts that help us understand stress.

  1. Stress is a unique, personal experience.

  2. Your stress is directly related to your perceived ability to cope in the moment.

  3. The stress response is triggered by your brain speed.

  4. Both real and imaginary events are presumed to be real by our subconscious mind.

The two main misconceptions of stress management are the belief that a therapist can some how erase a past stressful experience and by doing so bring the person back to their chosen equilibrium, and that there is a single simple solution to our stress response. This is completely wrong!

Once you have had an experience you cannot erase it as it becomes part of your memory. Memory is what you use to reference yourself in the future and helps you make decisions.

To manage your stress, you need to learn how to consciously and selectively isolate your awareness and in so doing regulate your past, current and future emotional response to the event. As you change how you see the stressful event, you are able to chose your responses to derive maximum benefit from the experience.

Fortunately, we as human beings can access, observe and direct our awareness easily and quickly.

The most important and effective way to observe your self and there by analyze and re frame your stress, is to suspend all judgment of yourself. Be firm but gentle with yourself and you will automatically start to make positive changes in your life.





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