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Formulating a Plan

We all want to be successful, get ahead, reach the top of our profession. We all want to thrive in areas that bring us happiness, joy and fulfillment.

It is possible for each and every on of us to attain these lofty heights and not only attain them, but also maintain them.

Success is an ever fluctuating and adapting experience of excellence, like a surfer riding an endless wave, constantly making fine adjustments to stance, weight transfer and balance to maintain forward momentum. Success is not a single thing. There can be many things, both spiritual and physical, and there can be many interconnected layers to your success.

To achieve success, we need to clearly define what it is, and then to have specifically defined points on which to focus so that we don’t get lost along the way.

Consider what success means for you right now. Define what success would be if you were to be living it now.

What details of success hold your attention and why are those details important?

Be greedy for a moment and say I WANT……

Now that you know what it is that you want, you can at least eliminate the behaviours that will hinder your progress towards achieving what you want.

Look at what you need to do with the resources that you have at your disposal to get you to that success. Assess how many small achievements need to be made to get you to where you want to be. This is like reading a road map and listing all the towns that you need to pass through to get to your vacation destination. You will instinctively know where you need to stop and consolidate your gains, and where you need to push through difficulty to get to the next point on your journey.

Trouble shoot your plan, look for weak points and have possible alternatives ready to help you through should things become difficult.

This is your plan!

Draw it our as a flow diagram or a mind map and pin it up somewhere convenient so you can assess you progress and maintain your motivation and determination daily.

Once you have a plan, anything is possible!

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Goals for 2015

Where Are You Going?

Don’t you hate being told to get your act together and set goals?

I resisted, to me detriment, the very concept of goal setting for many years and happily floated from this to that having fun, but getting no where fast.

What most of us don’t realize is that we naturally set goals for ourselves and achieve therm every day!

When you are on time for an appointment, or go and see that movie you have been wanting to see, or when you get up early on a weekend and go to gym – all these are “non mainstream” or “non defined” goals that you have achieved.

Try setting some simple goals for the new year. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Rope in family and friends and make it as fun as you can.

These simple steps will help you identify, set and activate your goals.

Step 1

Identify what you want to achieve.

Simply complete this sentence. I WANT ………………………..

Step 2

Link an emotion, any emotion, to the idea of having or achieving what ever it is that you want. Emotions cause us to take things seriously, and the thoughts and ideas that we take seriously are going to naturally dominate our thought process. The more we think something, the more we harmonize with it, the more likely it will be drawn into our experience in life.

Step 3

Condition your subconscious to accept you having what ever it is that you have identified in Step 1.

The easiest way to condition ones subconscious is to repeat an affirmation. An affirmation is a short statement that we repeat between 5 and 50 or more times a day.

To structure an affirmation effectively, the statement needs to be powerful and in the present. It does not have to be immediately believable, that is what the conditioning of the subconscious is for, to make your goal believable.

Try starting your affirmation with I HAVE, I AM, I DRIVE / FLY, I WORK etc

2015 is about taking charge and achieving your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical goals. Follow these simple steps and make it real!

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What Matters to you?

What Matters to you?

“Would you tell me, please, which way to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to go,” said the Cat

“I don’t much care where…” said Alice

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat

LEWIS CARROLL – Alice in Wonderland


We have already dealt with that dreaded (for me anyway) concept of goal setting. To make this process easier, ask yourself why you have those specific goals?

There must be a reason why one person wants X and another wants Y!

Both X and Y are perfectly acceptable under the correct circumstances, but why differentiate between X and Y in the first place?

The only reasonable answer seems to be that either X or Y matters to the individual at that specific point in time and under those specific circumstances in that moment. The choice is dictated by the importance of the outcome.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of not achieving what you set out to achieve?

Look specifically at personal wellness goals – losing or gaining weight, smoking cessation, addiction issues, improving exercise patterns, managing stress better and all the other usual suspects!

Look back over the past few years and see where you started to implement changes, when the whole process fell apart and the old behaviour dominated again.

Now ask yourself what was the motivation for the change?

What was it in the expected outcome, the goal, that MATTERED to you.

Was this motivation actually important to YOU or not – did you try to give up smoking because your parent or spouse told you to, or because you saw a grizzly picture on a cigarette pack?

How more powerful would the motivation have been if the goal was actually important to YOU- if you were planing to hike in the Himalayas, or surf in Polynesia for example, the behaviour pattern change would be linked to your passion, to what matters to you!


Take a moment to decide what matters to you.

How are your current goals linked to this?

How can you use what matters to you to change and improve where you choose?


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What are YOUR goals?

Goals – Where are you going?


“In my beginning is my end.”
T.S. Elliot 1888 – 1965



Remember those old pinball machines?

Remember the ball bouncing from pillar to post randomly creating a cacophony of unrealistic points as it bounces around?

How often do you feel like that at the end of a day or week?

But how would it be if you had a goal in mind?

Would the random bouncing not be more bearable and entertaining with a purpose behind it – an expected outcome or destination?


How would it be if we had a goal -or several goals in mind for our lives?

Our OWN goals, not those conditioned into us by society!

How would it be if we knew where we were going before we started out so that we had a direction to travel in – even if it meant going the “wrong” way down the road as we purposefully bounce along?


Many people feel trapped in meaningless lives because they have no compelling vision of their OWN of how they want their lives to BE or DO or HAVE!

The cause of the feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, depression, and suicide is nothing more that the perceived failure to achieve what we don’t actually want to achieve, then berating ourselves for that failure!

Take a moment to stop your world and find out what you want to BE, DO and HAVE. Write the desires down and make one positive decision on a course of action that will start you on the path to your personal success.

By rising above the fog of our current circumstances we able to forgive – mostly others, but especially ourselves and release ourselves from the chains which have bound us to our previous choices.

We are then free to have fun while moving purposefully towards our chosen compelling vision for our life.


What are your current goals?
~ Did you choose them or did someone else?
~ Do you even like them?
~ Where are you going with them? Do you know?
~ What will it be like when you get there?
~ What to you need to change?



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