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Personal Responsibility

The Lord helps those who help themselves”

Don’t you hate it when people lord this phrase over you?

I tend to immediately go on the defensive with phrases like “if only….” or “I’m trying”

Taking a long hard look at the basic fundamentals of life, I soon realised that there are so many variables to consider, so many different possibilities and interconnected options, the “if only…” reason is immediately invalidated. “If only…” is only a possibility once the action or outcome has occurred. The outcome is then not liked or accepted. This position of dislike is used as the premise for the “if only”. It can not therefore be used as an excuse for anything!

The essence of life is survival. “I’m trying” has no influence what so ever on our survival. We either survive or we don not, there is no trying involved at all, just decisive action. This seems to be a hard core, blunt observation, but it extrapolates out into every single thing that we do in our lives. We can not try to do things like eating, driving, loving or typing. We either do them, or we do not. The very first time that you got behind a steering wheel of a car and engaged the gears, you were driving… possibly not very well, but driving none the less.

Everything in life is a combination of our decisions and our actions. We decide something and then take the necessary action to achieve the desired outcome. To do this, we need to be able to analyse our environment, to anticipate possible outcomes, understand the personal responsibility that we have in those outcomes, and then to have the courage to take decisive action. No matter how subtle or complicated life becomes, this core principle holds true. Observation, anticipation, responsibility, action.

Look at your life and circumstances, take responsibility for where you are right now. Decide where you would like to be, be courageous and take decisive action to get you on the path to your success!

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Cause and Effect

“Injustice in the end produces independence” Voltaire

Take a few moments to observe your life right now. What problems are you facing, and what successes?
Are things working out as planned?
What surprises are you experiencing?
If you can, write down a few points or answers to the above questions, then ask yourself WHY!

There is a well known cliché that goes “what you put in, you get out”. This small yet frustrating phrase holds the essence of and the secret to the whole universe. Our very existence is a direct result of cause and effect. Something happened somewhere which lead to a specific course of action, specific series of choices which resulted in your life experience right now!

Consider the answers that you have just written down. Ask yourself what work, energy and intention you put in to your life to achieve and experience the result that you are experiencing right now. Find that simple truth (X), write it down and ask yourself the question again; what work, energy and intention did I put in to (X) that resulted in the situation of (X)?

Keep this question and answer session going, moving back in time, until you fully understand your situation now and are satisfied, honestly satisfied with the explanation. The result of this will be to come to the realisation that we are fully responsible for what we are experiencing in our lives!

Exploring our quotation above, we may realise that the difficult and unjust times we may be experiencing provide suitable motivation to accelerate us out of our bad decisions and mediocre comfort zone and into the enormity of who you are, an individual human being here on earth right now. These difficult times motivate us to change the cause, there by changing the effects we experience in our lives.

This week, be honest with yourself, see you and your life as you are and take responsibility for that position. Your actions and decisions up until now have brought you to where you are. Take note of this and make the relevant changes that will take you to where you want to be!


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