The Hard Truth

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Oscar Wilde

Why do we hide from the truth?

Why do we shy away from saying what needs to be said, or doing what needs to be done?

We are brought up to be nice, to consider others feelings and to do the best that we can to live in peace and harmony, so we sometimes shy away from the inconvenient truths.

I recently had to listen to someone telling me the truth that I did nt want to hear… it was not fun and my ego was screaming with rage inside my head. A few moments later a sense of calm descended on me and I could thank the person for their insight. It was liberating!

I noticed that there was a similar sense of freedom experienced after I had told some people my honest truth. There was not the expected explosion, just a feeling of release and freedom.

A nice simple way to manage the presentation of truth is to that truth our enculturation of being nice. By doing this, we can in no way overtly offend anyone, we can liberate the truth from the quagmire of political and social correctness and we can use truth to unify us and drive us forward to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Go out there and speak your truth with honesty and integrity, encourage others to do the same and be free!


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