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Looking Deeper

Rank is but a Guinea Stamp, the man himself s the gold” Rudyard Kipling or Robert Burns

An interesting line from a piece of poetry called The Tyler’s Toast. I have heard that line many many times yet I never really listened to the words. Suddenly, the other day, while sitting in the blackout induced traffic, this very line started to repeat again and again in my mind. It made so much sense!

If we look around us at the economic and political turmoil, at the success and suffering of others on this wonderful planet of ours, one single truth stands out. That truth is; success, wealth, servitude and suffering are totally irrelevant to who we are. Our unique identity is encapsulated in the outer veneer of human experience.

During my time trading in Africa and the four years I spend exposed to incredible township poverty as a Twasa, I noticed that a lot of the time the people who have a huge impact on others are themselves experiencing that same discomfort or reduced circumstance as their peers, yet they choose to make a difference. I could fill your hard drive of cases like the old lady who turned her shack into a refuge for homeless old people, the high school children who took it upon themselves to teach the younger children when their teachers were on strike, the car guard who helps an elderly woman into her new BMW, the family who pays for their domestic workers education or the business man who buys the petrol attendant a cool drink on a hot day.

The next time you are having a bad day, when things are not going as you planned, take a moment to look around you, look at random people from all walks of life and social status and fantasize. Think of the possibilities of the good that they are quietly doing in the world. Scratch the surface in your imagination and see the children of the trash collector having supper, or the farmer in his bakkie collecting medication for a farm worker, the person next to you in the traffic with a surprise sweet or magazine for their child or loved one. Look around and enjoy the wonderful quirky nature of humanity and see if you can make a difference in your life by making a difference in some one else’s.

A simple smile can go a long way to helping us all have a better day!

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Tidying Up

It was a dreaded morning this morning. I woke up late, feeling groggy from late night work, clients waiting… I’m sure you all know the feeling!

At the last minute my first client, the one I busy rushing around for, calls and cancels their appointment. Great, I’ve got time to do some stuff!

I look around my house and realise that the stuff that needs doing is tidying up!

Where to start, I don’t want to do it, id rather be doing hundreds of other things – you know, all those fun things that don’t actually exist, but are very important to consider when we are busy doing what ever it is that we don’t want to do…

So I started. I needed to vacuum the carpets, but there was stuff all over them, so I started at the top, books here, clothes and there, washing in the machine, ironing in the basket. Dishes washed, dried, sorted and sacked, grocery cupboard ordered, kitchen cleaned etc. You are all well aware of the routine!

Taking a step back I realised that I needed to apply this same principle to my long term goals!

Where did I want to be in 5 years?

Revisit that goal, look at it, feel it. Now imagine that you have achieved that goal. Imagine yourself turning around and looking back at the path that you followed to get to that goal. Look at what you need to do to tidy up in your thinking and your actions to polish and streamline your pathway to that goal.

Start now!

Make a point of doing on thing every day, no matter how small to polish the pathway to your goal. In so doing you will soon see insurmountable obstacles as mere speed bumps on the road and you will be able to apply your unique wisdom and experience to solving your problems and attaining what ever heights you wish to attain!

Start Now!

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What’s in it for ME?

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

Vince Lombardi

Have you ever wondered what the point of life is?

Why are we here?

Where are we going? How can I make a difference?

These are very normal questions for spiritually aware beings like humans, but they can be overwhelming!

So what is the point of our existence anyway?

A guru can tell you, so can a spiritual teacher, a boss or parent, but ask yourself quickly…

What’s in it for ME?

We live our lives in the best way we can to face our individual, social and collective responsibilities, but who is responsible for you, the individual carrying the world on your shoulders?

The only answer can be YOU!

You are responsible for your on life, health, happiness and perceived success or failure.

Now, before you stamp your feet and feel overwhelmed, take a moment to realise that if you are alive right now, in this moment of reading this, you are coping 100% as you should. You have already survived!

What we want to now do is to polish this survival skill so that you can meet your responsibilities to everyone important to you AND meet the responsibilities that you have towards yourself.

As you take this month to settle into your goals and the new year, take some time to take stock of where you have been personally, and where you would like your life to take you. Make a point of congratulating yourself when your tasks or deadlines have been completed and take a moment to reward yourself.

This does two things;

Firstly it will cause you to prioritise and focus on the task at hand and the quality of the work you are producing. We can only honestly congratulate ourselves if we feel as if we have done a good job. Our work output therefore improves and so does our self worth.

Secondly your awareness will be brought to what ever it is that you are doing. Our purpose will be shown to us so we can polish it or redefine it.

Now ask yourself, what’s in it for ME?

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The Hard Truth

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Oscar Wilde

Why do we hide from the truth?

Why do we shy away from saying what needs to be said, or doing what needs to be done?

We are brought up to be nice, to consider others feelings and to do the best that we can to live in peace and harmony, so we sometimes shy away from the inconvenient truths.

I recently had to listen to someone telling me the truth that I did nt want to hear… it was not fun and my ego was screaming with rage inside my head. A few moments later a sense of calm descended on me and I could thank the person for their insight. It was liberating!

I noticed that there was a similar sense of freedom experienced after I had told some people my honest truth. There was not the expected explosion, just a feeling of release and freedom.

A nice simple way to manage the presentation of truth is to that truth our enculturation of being nice. By doing this, we can in no way overtly offend anyone, we can liberate the truth from the quagmire of political and social correctness and we can use truth to unify us and drive us forward to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Go out there and speak your truth with honesty and integrity, encourage others to do the same and be free!

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