Feeling Down

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward

So, we are all human, fallible and doing the best that we know how to do to survive. We all have good days and bad days and in most cases we remember the extremes of the highs and lows, some of us even go to therapy to try and understand the lows and try to eradicate them – but what is the point of all of this emotion or feeling?

No one but ourselves and possibly a significant other even has time to notice how we are feeling, so why do we have these extremes of emotion at all?

What is the end goal?

What is in it for us?

Emotions, being the result of complex hormonal releases in the body, which themselves are a response to external physical or internal thought stimuli, seem to be some form of mechanism which we use to learn, grow and gauge our behaviour or performance in relation to both those around us and our personal expectation of ourselves.

As best as you can, observe your internal dialogue, see if your thought process is harmonising with your goals in life. If there is a conflict in this thought process, observe the difference between what is being thought and expected, and the actual expected reality of the outcome of the physical path that you are on.

Once you have observed this, our subconscious automatically starts to bring our thoughts and actions back into harmony. This process will bring about achievement of physical material goals, but not necessarily a completion and satisfaction of our emotional goals.

The only tool that I have found so far that enables me to break the feeling of “being down” is the concept of gratitude. Not the gratitude that is forced upon us by a well meaning parent…”You had better eat all your vegetables because they are expensive, I worked hard to be able to afford to buy them for you and there are starving people in the world who are not a lucky as you are to have the opportunity to eat these kind of vegetables in the first place!”

Rather, gratitude that you can cultivate by saying “thank you”, for example, to the man or woman who served you the soda at a fast food place. In that thank you, for that moment, be grateful for everything that has brought you to the point of purchasing a soda – all the people who worked to produce it, mine the minerals that make up the container, the transport people and the people who created transport machines, the person serving you the product, what they had to do to get up early, get to work, do what ever is required to bring them to that point to pass you the soda…

The simple act of gratitude allows us to emotionally upgrade ourselves, to bring us to a state of balance and wisdom from where we can consolidate and move forward with peace, strength and confidence.

Thank you!


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2 responses to “Feeling Down

  1. Edzard

    This might feel like an obvious comment on today’s blog but it is heart felt: Thank you! Thank you for inspiring us with your blog. That you for going to the trouble time and again to sit down and write something new. Keep up the good thoughts. Be blessed.

    • pleasure! We are all unique and have limitless wisdom within us – I wish we would share it more instead of getting stuck in irrelevant (yet entertaining!) stuff like politics, sports, race etc…

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