In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

Khalil Gibran

It is that time of year again – Christmas decorations are everywhere infusing us with the sound of Bony M and laughing children

Love it or hate it this is a crazy time of year!

It is a time of year when we should be celebrating with friends and loved ones – I use the word celebrating deliberately because I celebrate a more inclusive and holistic historically European event – the celebration of mid winter. Not all of us understand the Christian connotations linked to Christmas, however, we can all relate to a long and difficult task and the feeling of relief and hope that we have when we realize that we are half way through said task and can focus on the end goal.

No matter what your belief system, Christmas is a time to celebrate!

One of the best ways to add depth to our celebration is to laugh. Laughter is a strange experience – a complex concoction of hormones and emotions brings about a mild chuckle, a giggling squeak , a rolling roar, a profound release of pent up energy and emotion flaring off in a single moment leaving us happy, healed and satiated.

Laughter is a strange bond that we have with ourselves and the world, it helps us understand ourselves and our circumstances better and it bonds people together.

Have you noticed that we laugh in good times and bad, we laugh with strangers as easily as we do with our friends, we laugh at misfortune and adversity then seem to triumph over them?

Laughter seems to infiltrate it’s self in to all aspects of our lives, good or bad and in most cases those moments of laughter will be remembered.

Laughter is a strange and inescapable bedfellow of our diverse human condition. This festive season, go out and laugh more, spread it liberally around, let it radiate from you out into the world and see how many people you can help to laugh with you!


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