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Goals for 2015

Where Are You Going?

Don’t you hate being told to get your act together and set goals?

I resisted, to me detriment, the very concept of goal setting for many years and happily floated from this to that having fun, but getting no where fast.

What most of us don’t realize is that we naturally set goals for ourselves and achieve therm every day!

When you are on time for an appointment, or go and see that movie you have been wanting to see, or when you get up early on a weekend and go to gym – all these are “non mainstream” or “non defined” goals that you have achieved.

Try setting some simple goals for the new year. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Rope in family and friends and make it as fun as you can.

These simple steps will help you identify, set and activate your goals.

Step 1

Identify what you want to achieve.

Simply complete this sentence. I WANT ………………………..

Step 2

Link an emotion, any emotion, to the idea of having or achieving what ever it is that you want. Emotions cause us to take things seriously, and the thoughts and ideas that we take seriously are going to naturally dominate our thought process. The more we think something, the more we harmonize with it, the more likely it will be drawn into our experience in life.

Step 3

Condition your subconscious to accept you having what ever it is that you have identified in Step 1.

The easiest way to condition ones subconscious is to repeat an affirmation. An affirmation is a short statement that we repeat between 5 and 50 or more times a day.

To structure an affirmation effectively, the statement needs to be powerful and in the present. It does not have to be immediately believable, that is what the conditioning of the subconscious is for, to make your goal believable.

Try starting your affirmation with I HAVE, I AM, I DRIVE / FLY, I WORK etc

2015 is about taking charge and achieving your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical goals. Follow these simple steps and make it real!

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Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Three basic yet vitally important principles, so important that they were integral in the evolution of our current civilisation!

What is Brotherly Love?

The clichéd version would be to love every person as your Brother or Sister. A more mature understanding of this concept would be to try to mutually understand the beliefs, culture and world view of other people. They may do things differently form what we are used to , but their way in not necessarily wrong. Being willing to tolerate and understand others in the first step in achieving Brotherly Love. In an ideal world, others would be willing to tolerate and understand us just as we would be willing to do the same for them.

What is Relief?

Relief is an easing of pain or suffering. It encompasses charity, good will, compassion and empathy and all those other wonderful mutually beneficial actions. The easiest way to bring relief into your life is to show it to others. You don’t have to necessarily tithe your wealth to the poor, or limit yourself in any way – a simple gesture of not parking in a disabled parking space, or holding the lift for an older person, or someone struggling with lots of packages, making a cup of tea for a family member while making one for yourself – all small and seemingly insignificant things on their own, but possibly important for the recipient. By actively exercising relief for others, our attention is naturally brought to our own needs which we can then attend to as appropriate.

What is Truth?

Truth is the absence of deception. Truth has to work in two areas of our lives – we need to be truthful to ourselves in our own lives and truthful to others in our engagements with them. Truth serves to simplify our lives. It is not always easy to be truthful, to see circumstances for what they are, or to speak your truth to someone, but as soon as you have engaged truth, circumstances and life changes. Truth in essence is the eternal liberator. Truth automatically engages our responsibility and with the two combined we can move towards success in our lives and our relationships.

Go out and have a BRT day and feel how liberating it is!

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The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey

It has been a long year, just as every year from the beginning of time ot now has been a long year. A few weeks to go before we start all over again.

Inspiring thought or not?

What ever our feelings about the year that has passed and the year to come, we still have a few weeks to go. I am always ambivalent about this time of year, all the rush and hype about an obscure commercial message with a bit of religious flavour thrown in. Devotees certainly find their special meaning which is as it should be for any religious celebration, but for others who are on the outer edges of that, we find ourselves randomly swept up in the fervour of the occasion and then feel let down and confused as to what it is all about.

A wonderful thing we can do to ground ourselves in this time and in any similar time is to celebrate. Not ancestrally going out and getting drunk, although for some people that is part of it, but a genuine heart felt celebration within ourselves.

Make a list of at least ten things that you can celebrate, and write two or three reasons why you can celebrate those things or events. This act of thinking and writing about something worthy of celebration will automatically allow us to change the perspective of how we see ourselves in our lives. It will elevate our spirits and allow us to enjoy the “silly season” for what it is, a time to celebrate our varied beliefs, successes and hardships and in so doing we can plan better for our new year.

Go out and have fun!

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Feeling Down

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward

So, we are all human, fallible and doing the best that we know how to do to survive. We all have good days and bad days and in most cases we remember the extremes of the highs and lows, some of us even go to therapy to try and understand the lows and try to eradicate them – but what is the point of all of this emotion or feeling?

No one but ourselves and possibly a significant other even has time to notice how we are feeling, so why do we have these extremes of emotion at all?

What is the end goal?

What is in it for us?

Emotions, being the result of complex hormonal releases in the body, which themselves are a response to external physical or internal thought stimuli, seem to be some form of mechanism which we use to learn, grow and gauge our behaviour or performance in relation to both those around us and our personal expectation of ourselves.

As best as you can, observe your internal dialogue, see if your thought process is harmonising with your goals in life. If there is a conflict in this thought process, observe the difference between what is being thought and expected, and the actual expected reality of the outcome of the physical path that you are on.

Once you have observed this, our subconscious automatically starts to bring our thoughts and actions back into harmony. This process will bring about achievement of physical material goals, but not necessarily a completion and satisfaction of our emotional goals.

The only tool that I have found so far that enables me to break the feeling of “being down” is the concept of gratitude. Not the gratitude that is forced upon us by a well meaning parent…”You had better eat all your vegetables because they are expensive, I worked hard to be able to afford to buy them for you and there are starving people in the world who are not a lucky as you are to have the opportunity to eat these kind of vegetables in the first place!”

Rather, gratitude that you can cultivate by saying “thank you”, for example, to the man or woman who served you the soda at a fast food place. In that thank you, for that moment, be grateful for everything that has brought you to the point of purchasing a soda – all the people who worked to produce it, mine the minerals that make up the container, the transport people and the people who created transport machines, the person serving you the product, what they had to do to get up early, get to work, do what ever is required to bring them to that point to pass you the soda…

The simple act of gratitude allows us to emotionally upgrade ourselves, to bring us to a state of balance and wisdom from where we can consolidate and move forward with peace, strength and confidence.

Thank you!


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In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

Khalil Gibran

It is that time of year again – Christmas decorations are everywhere infusing us with the sound of Bony M and laughing children

Love it or hate it this is a crazy time of year!

It is a time of year when we should be celebrating with friends and loved ones – I use the word celebrating deliberately because I celebrate a more inclusive and holistic historically European event – the celebration of mid winter. Not all of us understand the Christian connotations linked to Christmas, however, we can all relate to a long and difficult task and the feeling of relief and hope that we have when we realize that we are half way through said task and can focus on the end goal.

No matter what your belief system, Christmas is a time to celebrate!

One of the best ways to add depth to our celebration is to laugh. Laughter is a strange experience – a complex concoction of hormones and emotions brings about a mild chuckle, a giggling squeak , a rolling roar, a profound release of pent up energy and emotion flaring off in a single moment leaving us happy, healed and satiated.

Laughter is a strange bond that we have with ourselves and the world, it helps us understand ourselves and our circumstances better and it bonds people together.

Have you noticed that we laugh in good times and bad, we laugh with strangers as easily as we do with our friends, we laugh at misfortune and adversity then seem to triumph over them?

Laughter seems to infiltrate it’s self in to all aspects of our lives, good or bad and in most cases those moments of laughter will be remembered.

Laughter is a strange and inescapable bedfellow of our diverse human condition. This festive season, go out and laugh more, spread it liberally around, let it radiate from you out into the world and see how many people you can help to laugh with you!

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