Thoughts Are Things!

Have you ever explored your internal world?

We all understand and know what it is like to experience things outside of us, or things that are happening to us like relaxing on the beach or going somewhere exciting for dinner. We respond to stimulus and decide if we like the situation or not. This is normal, but it is also a state of being that is reactive.

We respond to things that have already happened and hopefully we learn and grow through that reactive process, but what, where how and why do we get to the point of experience and reaction?

A brief observation of out internal world, our thought process, should show that in most cases, matter or experience follows our thoughts. We are not going to explore in detail the “Mind Power” or “Think and Grow Rich” or “Power of Positive Thinking” concepts. That debate is for the die-hard skeptics and “guru’s” to engage in at their leisure.

Those of you who are master sales agents, fire walkers, professional over achievers and or sports people know that the more that you focus on the goal and eliminate the possibility of failure, the more likely it is that you will succeed. That is why professions consult with life coaches, business coaches and or mentors – they assist us to eliminate the peripheral negative thoughts and replace these with our success thoughts. Once these successful thoughts predominate our thinking we naturally and automatically start to experience the positive results of the process.

What I suggest you try this week is to take a moment every day and follow your thought process, make a note if you can of what you are thinking and observe the outcomes of those thoughts. Then change those thoughts to ones that are more suitable to you and your expected outcomes.

In today’s competitive world, we can not afford the luxury of a negative thought. We plan our business pathway, now lets plan our thought process to achieve what ever it is that we aspire to!


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