Maintaining Happiness

Happiness is a feeling that we have about ourselves in response to a specific and unique set of external circumstances. Our personal expectations are met and normally a positive judgment of ourselves (not ourselves in relation to others) can enhance this feeling.

Take a moment to think back to a time when you were happy. Observe the situation and or people in that scene and re-live that happiness. What is it about that scene or situation that has created that feeling of happiness, and how have all your expectations of yourself and others been met in that moment?

This observation of your happy set of circumstances will give you an insight into some of your subconscious aspects of your self and your motivations in life that you may not have been aware of. These aspects are not to be judged, but acknowledged and where appropriate re-created in your life today.

To calibrate this happiness, to give it importance, we need to compare it to something, normally negative emotions and feelings. Repeat the exercise above, but this time remember a time when you are sad or depressed. Again observe the scene without judgment and allow yourself to observe your expectations that have not been met to your satisfaction. What have you discovered about yourself through this observation process, and how can you integrate or change where appropriate?

It is naive to think that we can be happy all the time. What we can do is observe our times of unhappiness, understand them for what they are and then allow our happy formula to engage to move us once again towards a more harmonious and graceful state of being.

Every person on Earth deserves to be happy, and the state of mind that we experience as “being happy” is easy to create and maintain.

It’s your choice – choose happiness!


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