Sum of our Parts

Have you ever considered that you, right now in this moment in time is a conglomerate of many parts?

All of us play different roles at different moments in our lives – the worker, the teacher, the care giver, the driver, the cook, the parent, the child, and many many more.

In an ideal world, each part will be working in perfect harmony with all the other parts to help you create and enjoy a fruitful, happy and harmonious life.

Some schools of psychology and hypnotherapy postulate that when we are experiencing disharmony, these parts are out of synchronization and one part is presiding over the other parts in either a positive or a negative way.

Looking at and understanding our parts is a wonderfully easy way to access our own subconscious mind and in so doing we can become our own therapist!

The secret to understanding the different parts is to find out what they are trying to do to protect or motivate the collective whole of the self.

Simplistically illustrated, If we can understand the motivation of the “addictive part” for example, we automatically see where in our lives or psyche there is a challenge for us to resolve. Once we have found the challenge, we can select another part to help us solve the problem to once again bring about harmony.

Which part of you is prominent in your life?

Is it appropriate and what does it do for me?

How does this action fit in with my goals?

What part do I need to engage to enhance my position and bring about harmony?


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