3 Things you can do to have a better day!

3 Things you can do to have a better day!

How is your day today?




What ever option you selected is your own personal experience of what is going on around you. To be brutally honest, no one can understand exactly how you feel right now, and in most instances, most other people are so busy doing the best that they know how to do to survive in their own lives that they don’t have time for more than a polite “hello”.

You are directly responsible for what you are experiencing and feeling in your life, and we only feel a negative emotion to our circumstances when either we are not getting what we want, or not getting the responses form others that we expect.

The easiest way to have a good day, every day, is to manage our expectation – not to dumb our selves down and lose ambition, but to keep things in perspective for ourselves and to focus on our personal journey through life.

Three key factors to consider are;

Permission, Awareness, and Decisive Action.

Set an alarm on your phone to buzz you every 30 minutes. When your alarm goes off, ask yourself if you really want to be doing what ever it is that you are doing in the moment.

Do you give yourself permission to do this?

Once you have a yes or a no answer, you can assess why you are doing X and what your expected outcome of the action is.

This action of giving yourself permission forces your awareness back on to yourself. For that moment you have to know who you are in the moment so that you can find your yes or no answer. Awareness of your self in the moment is a very powerful thing, and every teacher through out the ages, from the figures of Buddha and Jesus to Eckhart Tholle have promoted this simple concept of self awareness in the moment.

Once we are aware of ourselves in our space, we can then decide what we need to do to get us to where we want to be. Most of us have to get up and go to work, and that is perfectly fine – working gives us worth, identity and cash to assist us through our life more gracefully, but even a job that you hate does not have to end up as a self perpetuating cycle of misery – YOU can break that cycle!

Simplistically, you have given yourself permission to get up and go to work. You are aware of why you are doing what you are doing, and you can now decide what action is required to take you to the next level of goal achievement in your life.

Go out and have a great day – because you can!


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One response to “3 Things you can do to have a better day!

  1. What an intriguing post. I am lucky to be doing work that I love multiplied by: my teaching job and being a full time doctoral student. I plan to try the method of setting the alarm for every 30 minutes (for a particular day) and developing that self awareness, consciously. Often so many of us are functioning on autopilot that we don’t listen to that inner voice any more.
    Thanks for sharing!

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