Maintaining Success

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

How often have you sat with friends or co workers and come up with a great idea to both work together and be successful?

Recently I was watching the friends of a friend – lets call the associates in a local pub. It was late, they are all chefs, and had just finished their shifts and were relaxing and unwinding like every one else there. They were animatedly discussing how they could open a simple restaurant of their own. Each friend had a different skill to contribute and within half an hour the fantasy idea was alive and thriving in their imaginations.

Four months later I was most surprised to see renovations start at an old restaurant in my street. I stopped to see what was going on and there, covered in dust and builders grime were the three friends moulding their pub inspired idea into reality. A year later they are thriving and looking at ways to expand their business.

One evening recently when I was having dinner in their restaurant, all three of them came over to chat and I asked them for their secret recipe of success. The simplicity of their answer surprised me. They said that every night when they are cashing up they spend about 15 minutes discussing the operation of the restaurant that day and how they could improve, change or consolidate their systems. Each partner has a specific role to play, kitchen and food buying, bar and drinks buying and hospitality front end and each partner is expected to suggest changes in the other partners stations.

They had initiated the advice in the above quotation – they came together, stayed together and worked together consistently to achieve their goals.

Take some time to reassess your dreams and goals. Practically analyze their implementation from your current position, and if the risk profile of the idea is acceptable, initiate some positive action to start you on your road to success.


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