Taking Time Off

When last did you take time off?
what did you do with your time off?

Most people that I know do one of two things;
They either try to chemically unwind in a bar as fast as possible, or they get up early and work a second or third job.
Recently a corporate friend took leave from his regular job to spend a week manually chopping, packing and selling braai wood. he was in a spot and did what he had to do to feed his family which is commendable, but is this constant rush to catch up why we are here?
I am embarrassed to look back at my life and see how many braais, coffees, movies and holidays I have willingly missed so that I could work. looking back on my life so far, I realise that I would rather have gone for that coffee and chat with my sister, or spent an hour at a braai with friends who have now immigrated. Those times and those human connections have been lost forever, and in most cases the deal didn’t work out anyway!

We have recently celebrated Heritage Day, a wonderful and unique South African concept that allows us to use our huge cultural diversity to unite as one. How many of us, me included, worked through this holiday as if it was a normal work day?
How many of us allowed ourselves to acknowledge our uniqueness and celebrate our unique heritage?
How many of us have forgotten that we are not automatons in a machine?

Make a point today of taking some time off, even if it is just 15 minutes. Make this time just for you, no family or friends for the moment, just 15 minutes for you!
Look at who you are from a cultural, physical and spiritual perspective, congratulate yourself for your achievements and choose one small thing that you can do or change in your life that will move you closer to your goal.


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