What’s The Point?

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

Galileo Galilei

Perhaps we should rather ask ourselves;

Whats MY point?

Why am I here?

I was feeling pensive the other day and I was enjoying observing myself assisting a client to her point of truth and purpose in that moment. I was cynically laughing at myself because I realised that I had been pining for my point or purpose for over twenty years and had never had the courage to explore the reason for my existence, yet here I was, honestly and sincerely assisting a courageous lady to mercilessly pound away at her insecurities and comfort zones to find a momentary part of her point.

I have found that in moments of self doubt we are forced to look at the meaning of things, either good or bad, and come to some sort of conclusion about ourselves in relation to the circumstances and the world around us. If we are honest with ourselves in those moments of vulnerability, we will find out something about ourselves. That thing that we are forced to face will be a defensive emotional response that is no longer required by us. We are constantly growing and evolving through life, and these pensive moments occur so we can discover a truth about ourselves and there by understand ourselves better.

This truth to understanding process is not always what we want or like, and it is not always pleasant, but is is a vital “spring cleaning” of the psyche. The point of searching for the point is a consolidation of past experience and emotion. This consolidation creates a new solid foundation on which we can build the next layer of our existence and re-motivates us to achieve our goals or motivates us to re-assess our goals.

Thy to befriend those pensive moments, sit with them and allow them to follow their course. They will heal your spirit and allow you to grow faster than you thought possible.



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