Time Managemen

“Tiiiiiiiiime is on my side, yes it is!” The Rolling Stones

How often had you thought just that and in the next moment you are struggling to cope?

Have you noticed that some days time is like wild fire, you blink and it has gone totally out of control!

Have you ever said to someone, in the middle of a busy day “time is running away with me!”?

The good part is that you are not alone!

I am sure that every single one of us reading this has at some point in our lives experienced the ever increasing pressure of “running out of time.”

If we analyze this phenomenon more closely, we will see that time is not real at all. Time, as Einstein proved, is relative to the person experiencing it and the person observing it from a separate place from the person experiencing it. Our interaction with time therefor is dependent on how we see ourselves able to cope with what is going on around us in that moment. Those of you who have attended one of my stress management seminars will remember that stress is your ability to cope with that ever is going on around you using the resources that you have in that moment. Time therefor adds another dimension, either positive or negative to our stress response.

Managing time is very easy to do;

In the moment, it is as simple as being aware of yourself in any given moment. This self awareness will allow you to assess your available resources and compare them to the circumstance that you are experiencing and then prompt an appropriate response.

Observe – decide – act

To be even more effective in your time management, you should be able at some level to plan ahead. By planning ahead we solve some problems before they arise, and we allow contingencies in strategic places. This makes us more time!

Observe – plan – decide – act

If you get to that point of feeling out of control, take a few seconds to take a deep breath or two and just for those moments, observe the situation. Suspend your pre-conceived ideas of what you need to do and why, just observe for a moment and you will have far greater clarity about the situation. Then you can make better decisions and move forward.




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