Self-awareness is not just relaxation and not just meditation. It must combine relaxation with activity and dynamism. Technology can aid that. Deepak Chopra

How is your hectic life going?

Are you achieving what you want to achieve?

Are you working harder?

When last did you kick back, have a laugh and relax?

We all know why we work so hard, why we are hamsters on the wheel of life – actually why do we all work so hard?

What is it that motivates you to get up and going every day?

Do you ever enjoy that goal achieved?

Have you ever thought that perhaps your goal of success, freedom, house, car or what ever it is can be experienced sooner than you may have anticipate

Try linking your relaxation activities to your goal and see how much more motivated you are, how much more refreshed you are or possibly even how you update and edit your goal to something more appropriate to who you are now.

If you are working towards a new car, book a test drive at your local dealership, or go in and chat to the sales people about the car, enjoy it for that moment. If you are striving for a new house or apartment, go and look at suitable houses on a show day, call an agent and talk about your dream home, enjoy it for a moment. If you are working towards an overseas holiday, do research on the place you would like to visit, add value to you future experience right now!

Never forget that what you do for work is not necessarily who you are. We work for money to allow us to function in society. We are unique individuals journeying though life as best we can!

Make a point this week to take yourself off to a movie, or go for coffee and a laugh with friends. Take care to switch you phone off for at least two hours once a week, or at the very least only answer important life and death calls.

We are here to experience and enjoy life, the good and the bad. Cherish that time you spend with yourself, allow yourself to relax and recharge – you are worth it!


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