Coping with Change

Life is like surfing, you can either surf the wave and have fun or you can be dumped by it. Either way you are heading towards the beach!

There are a few important observations that I have made in my life so far. One of them is that nothing ever works out as planned, another is that everything changes.

Change in its self is nothing to strange, in fact, the essence of life is change! Every moment of every day is different from the last moment, and every moment now is different from any future moment. Your cells in your body are constantly dying and being replaced, every atom on Earth and in the known universe is in constant motion and constant change. We are always constantly in change, in fact our perpetual existence is a direct result of change!

So why then is change in some areas so difficult for us?
We are alive and functioning in harmony with the rest of the changing universe, so why are we afraid of change?

The action of changing is not the problem. If you look deeper into your self, you will find that it is the expected outcome that results from change that causes the problems that we experience with change. Combine this with the “what if” fear factor, and you suddenly experience the debilitating effects of not being able to cope with change.

The easiest way to start coping with change is to take charge of your responses within the change. Try to make decisions that suit you while continuing with the change. The secret is to work from the future backwards to the present.
Write down the outcome that you would like and write down the expected outcome of the change. Then assess how you can get to the outcome that you would like from your current position. Look and see how you can use the change as the vehicle to get you to the outcome that you would like.

Take some time this week to re assess your goals from your current position.
Are your goals still relevant and how can you fine tune them?


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