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Cause and Effect

“Injustice in the end produces independence” Voltaire

Take a few moments to observe your life right now. What problems are you facing, and what successes?
Are things working out as planned?
What surprises are you experiencing?
If you can, write down a few points or answers to the above questions, then ask yourself WHY!

There is a well known cliché that goes “what you put in, you get out”. This small yet frustrating phrase holds the essence of and the secret to the whole universe. Our very existence is a direct result of cause and effect. Something happened somewhere which lead to a specific course of action, specific series of choices which resulted in your life experience right now!

Consider the answers that you have just written down. Ask yourself what work, energy and intention you put in to your life to achieve and experience the result that you are experiencing right now. Find that simple truth (X), write it down and ask yourself the question again; what work, energy and intention did I put in to (X) that resulted in the situation of (X)?

Keep this question and answer session going, moving back in time, until you fully understand your situation now and are satisfied, honestly satisfied with the explanation. The result of this will be to come to the realisation that we are fully responsible for what we are experiencing in our lives!

Exploring our quotation above, we may realise that the difficult and unjust times we may be experiencing provide suitable motivation to accelerate us out of our bad decisions and mediocre comfort zone and into the enormity of who you are, an individual human being here on earth right now. These difficult times motivate us to change the cause, there by changing the effects we experience in our lives.

This week, be honest with yourself, see you and your life as you are and take responsibility for that position. Your actions and decisions up until now have brought you to where you are. Take note of this and make the relevant changes that will take you to where you want to be!

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Coping with Change

Life is like surfing, you can either surf the wave and have fun or you can be dumped by it. Either way you are heading towards the beach!

There are a few important observations that I have made in my life so far. One of them is that nothing ever works out as planned, another is that everything changes.

Change in its self is nothing to strange, in fact, the essence of life is change! Every moment of every day is different from the last moment, and every moment now is different from any future moment. Your cells in your body are constantly dying and being replaced, every atom on Earth and in the known universe is in constant motion and constant change. We are always constantly in change, in fact our perpetual existence is a direct result of change!

So why then is change in some areas so difficult for us?
We are alive and functioning in harmony with the rest of the changing universe, so why are we afraid of change?

The action of changing is not the problem. If you look deeper into your self, you will find that it is the expected outcome that results from change that causes the problems that we experience with change. Combine this with the “what if” fear factor, and you suddenly experience the debilitating effects of not being able to cope with change.

The easiest way to start coping with change is to take charge of your responses within the change. Try to make decisions that suit you while continuing with the change. The secret is to work from the future backwards to the present.
Write down the outcome that you would like and write down the expected outcome of the change. Then assess how you can get to the outcome that you would like from your current position. Look and see how you can use the change as the vehicle to get you to the outcome that you would like.

Take some time this week to re assess your goals from your current position.
Are your goals still relevant and how can you fine tune them?

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The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed . Martina Navratilova

Take a moment to look back at the successes you have had in your life. Notice how that before you achieved what ever it was, you had made a decision that you were going to give it your all, that you were 100% committed to achieving that goal, that failure was not an option!

Perhaps you had been standing on the sidelines of that goal, watching, participating a little, but not really committed for a while, and suddenly you acted and triumphed.

If you observe people that you admire for having achieved great success, you will find that at some point before their success those people experienced a time of almost debilitating defeat. That defeat served to force them to commit to what ever path they chose to achieve their success. The moment that you commit yourself 100% to your task or goal, you automatically exclude every single other option or obstacle. 100% commitment guarantees success. Lets say that again, 100% commitment guarantees success. Yes, it is that easy!

Don’t however berate yourself for being involved!

Being involved allows you to taste the wonderful array of things that life has to offer. It allows you to decide on what it is that you wish to commit to. Most of us however are stuck in a financial and or social comfort zone of being involved. We go to work at a job that is “OK”, we earn an “OK” salary that allows us to pay the installments on our debts. We can not take the chance to commit because we are unsure of what we want to commit to, and if we are unsure, we don’t want to take the chance. That decision is responsible, but will it get you to achieve what you want to achieve?

This week, use your involvement to show you where you are in your life, be involved enough to know what you like and what you don’t like, then ask yourself if you are willing to commit 100% of everything you have to that goal.

Most of you will say NO!

Now that you are committed to the NO, take another look at what you want out of life and make a commitment here and now to do what ever you have to do, within your immediate means, and fulfilling you responsibilities to achieve your desired goals. Remember that once those goals are achieved, you can always set other goals.

This is just the beginning of your adventure of success!

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Wonder – noun, strange or remarkable thing. Happy emotion caused by what is unexpected.

When last did you experience a sense of wonder?

When last did you experience a strange or remarkable thing?

When last were you happily surprised?

 When the so called spiritual masters and gurus say that we must become like children to experience god or divinity or enlightenment, this is what they mean. They don’t expect us to petulantly stamp our feat and scream until we get our own way! They are encouraging us to experience the world with a new, possibly more mature sense of wonder!

Wonder serves to enhance our uniqueness, our individual sense of freedom and satisfaction. It is that mystery ingredient that changes our day form Dickens’s industrial melancholy madness into something to be engaged, explored and enjoyed. Wonder enables us to conceptualise, plan and thrive!

Most of us commute to and from work every day in either a car, taxi, or train. Take a moment to consider the amount of thought, time, planning, education and hours of studying that has gone into the conceptualisation, manufacture, testing and production of your preferred mode of transport. Who mined and alloyed the metals, farmed and produced the rubber, synthesised the plastics and polymers?

Where were these parts produced, and how did they get to the assembly line?

How many thousands of people are involved in the production of that vehicle?

What were they feeling while they were mining, molding or producing that specific part?

Is it not wonderful that you can commute in such a complicated composite vehicle?

Now look around you at your house, your furniture, your office, your clothes!

How wonderful is it that every where we look we see the collaboration of millions and millions of designers, engineers, inventors, workers all working for the specific purpose of making our life easier!

Take a moment every day this week to look around you and see just how wonderful things really are. Then decide how you can make better decisions to allow positive change into your life, and allow the wonder of the universe to create for you what you desire.

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