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Self Confidence

“The success of our lives and our future depends on our motivation and determination or self confidence” His Holiness the Dalai Lama

As we have explored in earlier writings, we have an idea that not only are we a product of what we eat, but more importantly, we are a product of how and what we think!

I remember – a long time ago (1990!), I was going on an early morning fishing trip with my friends father, the father who was built like a WWE wrestler and shouted a lot. We were all terrified of him, even as young men in our early 20’s! So here we were, Mr Terrifying and I, 04h00 in the morning, cold and misty, paddling a tiny boat out on a strange lake in the grey light of dawn, discussing life and philosophy. The conversation centered around another friend of mine who was a gentle giant, but was totally lacking in confidence and as such, had no ambition and was going no where fast. We as students all used to tease him in a light hearted way, and never thought anything of it. My friends father made an interesting observation – he asked if we had noticed that the more we teased him about his inaction, the more inactive he became?

This was true, and I began to feel uncomfortable. My friends father told me how he had spoken to this young man’s father and found out that he was in therapy because of his parents divorce, and that we, his friends, were his only stability in his life at that time. He went onto say that we will learn in life that if you tell someone that they are XXXX often enough, they begin to believe it, and so that is who they become.

No shouting, no commotion from Mr Terrifying, just a subtle statement of fact that has stuck with me for over 20 years!

That simple conversation changed the way I interacted in the world, Interacted with myself and with others!

Ask yourself, with love;

Who have you been told you are?

Who do you believe you are?

Do you know that you are unique and that anything is possible for you?





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Spread The Love!

“The more good fortune you share with others, the more you have for yourself.” Zen proverb

It is a well none axiom that the more love you give, the more love you get. The more you share your good fortune with others, the more you will have for yourself.

Scarcity, like abundance is all in the mind. It is a mindset which can chain us to fear, depression and privation or which can free us to live lives of wonderful abundance. Either mindset is a valid method to allow us to learn the lessons that life has to offer. Great People know this and as a result they either share their wealth, time or experience freely with others, and it returns to them ten fold!

Gary Zukav, the author of “The Seat of the Soul” says that we make a fundamental choice to live our lives through fear and doubt or through love and wisdom, the end lesson is the same but our path to it may be very different.

Our experience in life is totally dependant upon our choice. The hate and discord choice limits us because we cannot comprehend how love and abundance should flow through our lives, and as such we cannot accept that we are deserving of that love and abundance so we choose not to experience it in our lives.

Reviewing the life of the recently passed Nelson Mandela show us that there is hope, that with a little understanding and love, with a little dialogue we can achieve great things. Revenge and hate make us blind to our own failings and perpetuate our fears and insecurities, where as with love, we take time to trust and understand. The same amount of effort and emotion is required for both yet the results are vastly different.

What is your choice?

Take some this week to explore the fundamental choices in your life:

  • To what extent is a love mindset present in your life?

  • What is it manifesting in your life?

  • How does this choice serve you?

  • What could your life be like?

  • What have you got gain by changing?

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;”
King Henry Henry V Act 3 scene 1

Have you ever felt stuck, full of great ideas, but nothing ever happens, nothing materialises, you just keep doing the same old thing trying to get ahead?

Take a moment to review your life so far;

How much have you achieved?

What went right?

What went wrong?

How fun has the journey been?

Every great achievement, in fact any achievement at all started with a thought. Applied to that thought was action. If you analyse your past successes you will notice that it was not always the correct decision and the correct action that brought you the desirable result or achievement, it was the fact that definite action, of any sort, followed thought!

if things went wrong because the action was in appropriate, ones behaviour was adjusted , and if the action was correct, things progressed. The key to success is action, the key to failure is inaction. The universe doesn’t care which option you choose, and it defaults to inaction!

To counter inaction we need certain information upon which we can act, so consider the following questions;

What do you want?

Where do you want to be?

What do I have to do to get there?

Is this really what I want and why?

The simple phrase of someone being a “mover and shaker” implicitly implies a person of action.

How often have you used this phrase to describe a co worker?

Why don’t you use it to describe yourself… go on try… go the the mirror and say to your reflection, say “(your name) is a mover and shaker”

How did you feel?

If you were embarrassed, that is good, it shows that you still have work to do and that you can achieve what ever it is that you may desire, no limits, no explanation.

Go and Be Do Have it – I dare you!

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