What are YOUR goals?

Goals – Where are you going?


“In my beginning is my end.”
T.S. Elliot 1888 – 1965



Remember those old pinball machines?

Remember the ball bouncing from pillar to post randomly creating a cacophony of unrealistic points as it bounces around?

How often do you feel like that at the end of a day or week?

But how would it be if you had a goal in mind?

Would the random bouncing not be more bearable and entertaining with a purpose behind it – an expected outcome or destination?


How would it be if we had a goal -or several goals in mind for our lives?

Our OWN goals, not those conditioned into us by society!

How would it be if we knew where we were going before we started out so that we had a direction to travel in – even if it meant going the “wrong” way down the road as we purposefully bounce along?


Many people feel trapped in meaningless lives because they have no compelling vision of their OWN of how they want their lives to BE or DO or HAVE!

The cause of the feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, depression, and suicide is nothing more that the perceived failure to achieve what we don’t actually want to achieve, then berating ourselves for that failure!

Take a moment to stop your world and find out what you want to BE, DO and HAVE. Write the desires down and make one positive decision on a course of action that will start you on the path to your personal success.

By rising above the fog of our current circumstances we able to forgive – mostly others, but especially ourselves and release ourselves from the chains which have bound us to our previous choices.

We are then free to have fun while moving purposefully towards our chosen compelling vision for our life.


What are your current goals?
~ Did you choose them or did someone else?
~ Do you even like them?
~ Where are you going with them? Do you know?
~ What will it be like when you get there?
~ What to you need to change?



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