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Passion Spice

Passion Spice!

“PASSION – A strong enthusiasm for something, any strongly felt emotion, an intense desire or enthusiasm”

The Collins English Dictionary

When we mention passion, most of us will have visions of sultry sex and sensuality, and we would not be wrong, but there is so much more to the experience of passion as felt by us human beings!

Without passion, life is dull, uneventful, boring and mundane, yet add that human spice called passion and suddenly things are alive, fun worthwhile and challenging.

Passion, for humans is a catalyst. Without passion, there would be very little progress, few inventions and we would tend to stagnate. We are not judging the right or wrong, good or bad of passion, just observing how a single emotive phenomenon changes, motivates and drives us forward to greater heights or success and achievement.

What are your personal passions in life?

What drives you forward to achieve?

If you feel as if you are stuck, going no where fast, like a pet hamster running on its treadmill, what would you like to be doing?

What would you like to change?

If you are stuck, and have no idea what your passions are, take half an hour to browse through a book store. Take note of what sections hold your attention. Why do you gravitate to these sections?

In most cases where you stop in a book store will show you where your hidden passions lie!

Do something small each day in that field and see how your world view starts to change in a very short space of time. See how much more satisfied you are with yourself, and how motivated you are to change your life towards your passion in a responsible way.

I dare you to add a pinch of “passion spice” to your life and see how your flavours start to emerge!

This weeks challenge.

What is my rout though a book store?

How can I add a taste of those genres to my life?

How much better are my stress levels now that “passion spice” is working in my life?


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Reading Between YOUR lines

Reading between your lines

“Two men look out through the same bars

One see mud, the other sees stars”

Ogden Nas

Have you ever thought that we confuse ourselves with our many roles in life?

Soul versus Personality?

Banker, plumber, mother, tinker, tailor, IT expert, politician, thief verses the whole person that we, in essence, really are. All day long we bounce from role to role, exchanging masks and fulfilling tasks as we go, but at the end of the day, who are you?

We spend so much time pretending to be someone else that we eventually forget who we really are. If you were to study your performance expectation – perceived or real within each role, you will soon find that the majority of your stress comes from performance issues relating you your mask, and not you!

Great spiritual teachings infer that we should become like children, no mask, just us!

From early childhood we begin to define ourselves in relation to the world around us, the people around us and more importantly how they interact with us. The opinions and behaviour patterns transferred by our principle conditioners – our role models, parents, teachers, religious elders, TV and movie ‘hero’s, become our opinions and behaviour patterns, about the world and more importantly about ourselves.

This is a natural enculturation process, one effectively employed by nature all around us, but unlike nature, if we are confused to start with, what are we transferring?

Left unobserved, it very easily leads to isolation, confusion, internal judgements and depression later in life.

There is a direct correlation between the mask you wear, how seriously you believe in your role in the mask and your experience of life!

As Neale Donald Walsch says in his Conversations with God trilogy – “There is no expectation, God has no expectation of you. All you get to do is decide who you want to be and create your life to support that experience.

So who are you really?

Who would you like to be?

Can you read between your lines?

Can you enjoy your masks for what they are?

Can you be yourself for a moment?


Go head, try!


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You Are what you THINK!

You Are what you THINK!

“You are what you think about all day”

Tony Robbins

Scary thought?

How much data do you process every minute of every day?

How much of that data is relevant to your survival?

How much of that data has been chosen by you?

Technology allows you to be connected 24/7 to our friends, family and all the good things in our lives, BUT the same technology connects you, with the same insistent intensity to the pressures of work, politics and sneaky marketing trends!

When you have your “alone time”, or “home time” how many times per hour do you indulge in a non “you” activity – make or take a non personal call, check an email, receive a world “disaster” news update, or a sneaky Facebook or Twitter update?

Why do these people and things have instant and direct access to you any time that they choose?

This is the way of the world in which we live, but is it really necessary to answer an email while waiting for the movie to start, or during the intermission of our child’s school play?

Will the world really end if you attend to things at a more appropriate time?

Most of us have attended a “Mind Power” seminar, or have understood the concept of focusing your thoughts, positive thinking or another similar thought – material world connection system. These types of mental focus systems are very real and very important, and are mentioned and even institutionalised most of the worlds major religions. Meditation and prayer focus the intention, forgiveness releases negative thoughts and emotions there by encouraging equilibrium.

These systems were introduced and explained by the wise masters and mistresses of old to help us de-clutter, de-stress and focus.


That’s great, BUT how can we do this if we are on call 24/7, constantly under pressure from other people who themselves are under pressure from other people or perceived circumstance?

On a sub conscious level, the perpetual troubleshooting clutter naturally focuses us on the external chaos in the world which in turn manifests its self in some way in our lives.

So what can we do about it?

to live IN the world, try not to be OF the world. Focus on being proactive instead of reactive, and try to switch the constant stream of clutter off for a time at least once a day.

The lesson is to bring your attention to yourself and to start to live in the world but not be products of it. To fix our minds, hearts and actions on the principle around which our

lives are based. To focus on our own purpose and to draw ourselves

towards our own Higher Quality of Life.

Take some time this week to explore the focus of your life:

~ What do you think about all day long?

~ What are you attracting into your life as a result?

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“Money and Destiny”


“If you create an act, you create a habit

If you create a habit, you create a character,

If you create a character, you create a destiny.”

Andre Maurois 1885 – 1967



One of the great stressors that we have in our lives is money!

It is intricately linked to our survival and the abundance or lack of money in our modern world can physically influence our wellness.


What is this thing called MONEY?

The thing we are taught to work and strive for.


Money is a man-made concept. Nature has no need for money or the idea of money. Nature gives and takes with a free abundance, providing all that is necessary for abundant life, or death and re generation. The natural cycle continues without money!

Ironically the very concept of money, the medium to facilitate prosperity has become a destroyer of prosperity.


Have you noticed how money, the facilitator of prosperity, has acquired the reputation as “the root of all evil”?

This perception is most often ascribed to by people to whom we look for guidance – healers, alternative practitioners and some belief systems. It is as if struggle and lack is a prerequisite for being good, spiritual and all things holy!


All this is exacerbated by our own personal relationship with money, or the idea of money. The wisdom of our parents, good or bad; our first experiences with money; our feelings of self worth and value and response to peer group pressure relating to abundance and money.


Money is not about currency it is a mechanism to facilitate the flow of abundance and prosperity from all of us, to all of us, for all of us. Money is a convenient and fair way to exchange energy, labour, knowledge or produce.


Now, positive thinking principles assert that matter follows thought, so if most of us are consciously or subconsciously reluctant to ‘have’, we actively choose not to have. It is your choice, a choice that you can change!


Are you willing to reinvent the money concept.

Let us redefine “Money and Destiny” to mean the right of each of us to manifest our own wealth, abundance and destiny as we choose, no limit!


Take some time this week to explore your destiny:

What are you striving for?

Is this your choice?

What, where, how would you like to be?

How can you change gracefully and responsibly?

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What are you afraid of?



The only thing that is preventing you from achieving the goal that you want is FEAR!


Fear is an essential survival response, but if miss-applied, it is completely debilitating.

When crossing the road or handling a dangerous substance, the fear of loss, pain or death is what makes us exercise caution and proceed carefully.

The essential elements are “Exercise Caution” and “Proceed Carefully”.

You notice that these two statements involve a progression, not a block!


What are we afraid of?

  • Success

  • Failure

  • Pain

  • Embarrassment

  • Loss

  • ()your personal favourite!


An easy way around this fear is to set a “double goal”. Set a second goal beyond the one you want to achieve.

When I was studying, I struggled for years to complete a simple Bachelors degree. As soon as I pushed my goal forward – to a Ph.D., the Bachelors degree did not seem so daunting or important. the “What when / if” question that was nagging at me, doing its best to keep me in my comfort zone was no longer relevant, and I achieve the Bachelors degree with ease (all I have to do now is get that Ph.D…).

What are you afraid of in life right now?

Set a goal beyond that fear.

Put a plan in place that will take you carefully forward to that secondary goal. It is important to work within the fear parameter and exercise caution, but do not allow that caution to bring you to a grinding halt – make a point of moving forward consciously every day to wards that secondary goal.


Now that you have a secondary goal, ask yourself if that initial fear is still as severe as it once was. Do you still need it?

What purpose does it now serve, or can you pack it away in your box of “experience” for future reference?

How successful do you want to be?

What is holding you back for achieving that success?

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Do you want to be right, or do you want to win?


“Don’t say no, go with the flow”

Depak Chopra


What are you willing to do to win?

Is it important?



Why do you want to be right?

Is it important?



Chatting to a few friends this week, some rich, some poor, I noticed that they all had a burning desire to win, to achieve to “be successful”. The richer friends had a plan to fulfil their dreams, the less successful friends had dreams!


I also noticed that the more successful friends were quite flexible in the way in which they intended to achieve their goals. The end goal its self was also quite flexible – they knew that they were working towards their goals, but they were a lot more willing to compromise, edit and even scrap the goal completely and re define it if things strayed too far from their plan.

My less successful friends tended to try and prove that their decisions were right, that they could force positive change by proving that they were right!


A direct quote from a successful friend was;

” Wealth comes from experience, and the experience one wants is to know when to cut your losses and get out. Once out you need to study what went wrong so you don’t make that mistake again”


This is a very analytical approach to life , but it is very valid if one wants to initiate and maintain success!


Now, remember that success is not just about business and money…

We need to strive for success in the six key areas of our life to attain wellness.

These six areas are;

Family, Friends, Health, Work, Finance, Spirituality.


Take a moment to look at these areas of your life.

What do you want to achieve in this area of your life?

What is your plan of action?

Is this plan working for you?

Do you need to change it?

What have you learn’t from this experience?

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Dare to be HAPPY!


The truth you speak has no past and no future. It is, and that’s all it

needs to be.” Richard Bach – Illusions


“I my purpose is to live my life in a way that will make me happy!”


Go on – say it again!


“I my purpose is to live my life in a way that will make me happy!”


Does this statement make you feel empowered or insecure?


Consider the following questions;


  • How many times have we been told to do something because others cant?

  • Will suffering disease yourself alleviate the disease of others?

  • By starving yourself will you fill the bellies of the world’s starving?

  • Will going to war stop all future wars?

  • By experiencing misery, suffering, pain, grief yourself, will you prevent another experiencing these negative emotions?


Now consider for a moment that a healthy doctor adds more value to his patient than a sick

doctor, a well nourished farmer can feed more starving people than one

suffering from malnutrition, a wealthy person can give more to charity

than someone battling to survive.

It therefore follows that a happy person is able to spread more joy than a sad person.


Remember that you cannot give what you do not have, so by becoming happy, stable, secure, fulfilled, focused and prosperous in your own right you create time and resources which in the future you can share with others. Is this not a wonderful way to create wellness in all aspects of you life and then help others create it too?


Take some time this week to be happy, to talk to a stranger, compliment someone, just allow yourself to be you for a moment each day and see how your world will change!


Go on try it – I dare you to be happy!

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